ALDI – Specially Selected Caprese Pizza – Food Review

ALDI Caprese Pizza

Caprese Pizza

This is another interesting pizza from Germany.  Yes, Germany.  That’s not an auto spelling correction gone wild.

November 20, 2015

This is a more traditional pizza than ALDI’s other German pizza, the goat cheese pizza reviewed here.  Similar to the goat cheese pizza, there are nice sliced cherry tomatoes spread over the top.  Also similarly surprising is the fresh taste of these tomatoes after cooking.  Very nice.  Large circles of mozzarella cheese replace the large circles of goat cheese, and sprinkled mozzarella cheese replaces the sprinkled Emmentaler, on the other.

This is a much milder pizza than most other pizzas you’ll find, either frozen or fresh.  The taste is almost sweet.  My guess is that most of the sweetness comes from the cherry tomatoes.  As mentioned above, they’re nice.  There’s an adequate amount of mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of tomato sauce to complete the pizza experience.

The downside is the crust.  That’s not unusual for a frozen pizza.  The crust is a little on the cardboard side, although tasty and still chewable.   To be sure, there are worse frozen pizza crusts.

Overall, this is a pleasant surprise from the usual frozen pizza.  And for the $3.50 it costs, you’re not likely to find a better one at a similar price – except maybe the goat cheese pizza.

This is an ALDI Specially Selected product.  That usually means they’re only around for about a week until the supply runs out.  But somewhere in the months ahead they’re likely to show up in the freezer case again when you least expect it.

Calories  360 per slice (3 slices per pizza)    Price  $3.49

ALDI Caprese Pizza Back Label

Caprese Pizza
Back Label

ALDI Caprese Pizza

Caprese Pizza


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