Cafe Pajaro Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_PajaroCoffeeIf you like a Starbucks style coffee, you’ll like this more.  The can says extra dark roast.  That it surely is!

November 11, 2015
These are the darkest beans I’ve come across.  The beans are covered, no exaggeration, really covered with coffee oils.  Very pretty to look at.

The aroma is as deep as the color of the beans.  It’s a very strong aroma.  It’s not exactly what I’d describe as a coffee aroma.  More surprisingly it does not smell like a forest fire.  Many dark roasts tend to way overdo it and burn the beans.  This one doesn’t do that.

The brewed coffee is somewhat overwhelming, at least for my taste.  However as the coffee cools down, the taste weakens to a more acceptable level.  While very strong, the taste has none of the bad features of many dark roasts. The taste is not bitter nor burnt.

One bad artifact of the oily ultra dark roast is the much larger amount of coffee grounds that stick to the grinder.  The grinder will need cleaning more often.  The coffee is labeled as organic and fair trade.

Price – $7.99 (13 ounce can)
Cafe Pajaro Trader Joe's Coffee

Cafe Pajaro
Trader Joe’s


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