Pontificis – 2013 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

Pontificis GSM - 2013 Trader Joe's

Pontificis – 2013
Trader Joe’s

Today we have a French table wine that’s perfect for an everyday meal because it’s both good and inexpensive.

September 4, 2015

There’s a nice deep aroma when first opened.  The aroma lessens on the second pour and in the glass.  The wine has; a deep ruby-rose color, nice mild tannins, mild dry feel in the mouth, and a slightly weak finish.  This is a nice everyday dinner wine.  There are no bad tastes and  just a slight burn somewhere between the roof of the mouth and the nose.  The wine went well with pizza, holding its own against Italian sausage and anchovies.   My characterization of the wine is, a nice sloshing wine.  That is, you can just keep sloshing it down as you eat your dinner.

For seven dollars a bottle this is pretty good stuff.  There are nicer wines that can be had for the same price, but may not hold up against food like this one can.  Another reviewer suggested the wine needed 3 hours of air time after opening before reaching its peak.  Maybe so, but a good table wine doesn’t have 3 hours to sit around waiting for dinner to be served.  In this reviewer’s opinion, this wine is good enough to go from the moment the cork is popped.  The only criteria for a dinner wine in this house is that the empty bottle has to be hitting the recycle bin in 3 hours or less.   As it should be.

Price $6.99

Pontificis GSM - 2013 Trader Joe's - back

Pontificis – 2013
Trader Joe’s – back

Pontificis GSM - 2013 Trader Joe's

Pontificis – 2013
Trader Joe’s



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  1. Jill Barth Says:

    The life cycle of a table wine in it’s natural environment 🙂

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