Meijer House – Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review

 Meijer House - Whole Bean Coffee - Medium Roast

Meijer House – Whole Bean Coffee – Medium Roast

Always on the lookout for a good less expensive coffee, I came across this one on a recent trip.

July 6, 2015

Meijer is a regional grocery “superstore” (see this link from Wikipedia).  According to Wiki, Meijer originated the superstore (hypermarket) concept where a grocery store is combined with clothing, household goods, electronics and similar items.  There are none in my local area.  On a recent trip I brought back a bag of their house brand whole bean coffee for review.

There’s not much of an aroma coming out of the bag.  The beans show no oil, indicating a medium roast as claimed.  A medium roast is further confirmed by the nice medium brown color of the beans.  Tasting the bean itself, there is just a hint of bitterness.

Similarly, there’s not much of an aroma coming from the brewed coffee.  The coffee taste is basically neutral with the slight bitterness carrying through to the brewed cup.  There are no bad tastes.  Even with the slight bitterness, this is a coffee I could live with on a daily basis.

Two things of note: this is a “12 ounce bag” filled with 11 ounces of coffee, and I lost the receipt (so the price below is from memory).  After noticing the less than expected 11 ounces printed on the bag, I went searching for other brands of coffee to see how much coffee was actually in their bags.  Most bags of other coffees were still filled with 12 ounces of coffee.  However a few other coffees were also filled with 11 ounces and some even with 10 ounces.  This is just another case of the 30 ounce “quart” jar of mayonnaise.

For people wanting a mild coffee and living near a Meijer store, this is a candidate for saving a dollar or two over a branded coffee even if there are only 11 ounces in the bag.

Price $4.99 (11 ounce bag)

 Meijer House - Whole Bean Coffee - Medium Roast

Meijer House – Whole Bean Coffee – Medium Roast


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