Trader Joe’s Honduran Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review

Trader Joe's Honduran Coffee

Trader Joe’s Honduran Coffee

Here’s another good whole bean coffee from Central America and Trader Joe’s.  This is labeled as both Fair Trade and organic.

There is a nice, but different, aroma when first opening the can.  It’s not a typical coffee smell.  But not a bad smell either.  Gently tasting the bean, there’s a little bit of a burnt toast taste.  The beans have a very nice looking deep brown color.  There’s not a lot of oil on the beans – making this more of a medium roast, in slight distinction from the claimed medium dark roast.  The brewed coffee has a nice deep color.  The coffee taste is good, but again slightly different. The slightly burnt toast taste of the whole bean carries over to the brewed coffee.  I don’t know if this is a characteristic of the coffee or just a variation in the way this can was roasted.  There is no bitterness or off tastes.

The Fair Trade stamp implies the coffee growers/farmers get a bigger share of the $6.99 price you’re paying than might happen without this designation.  The organic label means the coffee meets USDA organic standards.

As with any whole bean coffee, you’ll need to either grind this at home or grind in the store.  Keeping the roasted coffee beans whole until, or as close to when, the coffee is actually brewed helps keep the coffee fresher and taste better.

Overall it’s a good, but slightly different tasting coffee.

Price $6.99 (14 ounce can)

Trader Joe's Honduran Coffee Back

Trader Joe’s Honduran Coffee Back

Trader Joe's Honduran Coffee

Trader Joe’s Honduran Coffee


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3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Honduran Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review”

  1. Barissmo Organic Honduras Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – ALDI | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] picked this up because Trader Joe’s Honduran coffee is one of the better coffees I’ve reviewed.  This isn’t as good, but still […]


  2. Fr. Christopher Gaffrey, OFM Says:

    Having lived in Honduras and other areas of Central America, I can tell you that the “burnt toast” flavor is simply a characteristic of the Honduran beans. The issue is the soil. There is no vulcanic soil in Honduras as there is in Guatemala or El Salvador. This gives the Honduran bean a different flavor than other Central American beans, an earthy flavor that is often described as burnt toast. Glad you enjoy the coffee, and thanks for buying Honduran fair trade. Unlike El Salvador and Guatemala, there are less conglomerates in Honduras, meaning more of the little guys benefit when you buy Honduran fair trade. Peace.

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    • steveo Says:

      Thanks so much for the information. And, glad to know more of the purchase price is going to the right people. Peace, Steveo.


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