Weekly Photo Challenge – Coke Afloat – Photography

Coke Afloat

Coke Afloat

Okay.  So it’s really a Coke Float, not a Coke Afloat.  And okay. So, this is really more like an ice cream soda than a float.  But these challenges are sort of short notice.  And for anyone now saying, “Huh?”, try this link.


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15 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Coke Afloat – Photography”

  1. badfish Says:

    That’s kind of cheating, dude. BUT, I want to see the rest of that car…


  2. Ed Paschke | litadoolan Says:

    […] Click This, TAPG!Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat Photoblogger MEAfloat – for the first time ! Ain’t Found A Good Title BlogWeekly Photo Challenge – Coke Afloat – Photography pariferalAfloat mosaic photo journalBaby Abroad – Part 1: Flying & Jet lag Peeling Eggs […]


  3. Veronica Panita Says:

    Yummy! After years of coke free, now I can hardly say no to a Coke, just by looking at this snapshot.

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  4. sustainabilitea Says:




  5. Laura Gabrielle Feasey Says:

    Now I want an ice cream float. Love the commentary, and the name of your blog 🙂

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  6. Amy Says:

    Clever take on!!

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  7. Raspberry Says:

    great shot! it’s making me hungry..

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