Mario Collina Prosecco – DOC – Wine Review – ALDI

Prosecco - DOC - Mario Collina - ALDI

Prosecco – DOC – Mario Collina – ALDI

The first surprise for this wine is the screw cap.  The screw cap is most likely there as a little insurance for the extra pressure in the bottle.   This is a mildly carbonated wine – bubbly.  As an aside, despite everything you may have heard, there’s nothing wrong with a screw cap on a wine bottle.  They’re just not as sexy as a cork.

Along with the bubbly carbonation, a nice fruity aroma escapes the bottle when first opened.  The description on the bottle label says “aromas of apples, pears and citrus.”  I’d agree most with the apple part.  It’s very apple . . . eee.  As with most wines that first impression diminishes once in the glass.

The label further categorizes this wine as dry.  It is dry, but not as much as the label implies.  It’s very much not the kind of dry that turns the inside of your cheeks into prunes.  That’s a good thing by the way.  Getting old, prunes us enough without any help from the wine.  To go along with the dry side of the wine there are still lingering hints of sweet fruit.  It’s a nicely complex experience.

All-in-all this is another fine Italian wine at a very inexpensive price point.  Pair this wine with delicately flavored food or mild cheese.  I’m pairing it now with some grape jelly on bread.  Perfetto!

Price – $4.99

Prosecco - DOC - Mario Collina - ALDI

Prosecco – DOC – Mario Collina – ALDI


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