Steak & Ale Pies – Trader Joe’s – Food Review

Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies - Front

Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies – Front

This is basically a stepped-up pot pie without the aluminum pie pan reinforcement.

There’s a good deep meaty taste from the thick gravy within the nicely browned crust.  Small pieces of meat with potatoes and diced carrots share the gravy.  The crust stands up to the microwave very well.  It holds its shape, breaking apart only very slightly and does not becoming soggy. The crust gets a little tenacious from the microwave, not easily yielding at times to being sliced with a fork.  A knife or a little bit of not-too-messy finger assist is needed.  The crust may be the best tasting part of the pie, crispy, thick, chewy and very flavorful.  TJ says cooking in an oven makes the crust even better (but who can wait that long?).  The portion size (one pie) seemed just right, leaving a nice warm full feeling all around.  There are two pies in the box.

My only complaint, it didn’t come with a bottle of ale.  The box says steak and ale.  Where’s the ale?  Well in fact, a nice pint of ale would’ve gone great with the pie.  But, alas?

Calories:  670 per pie     Price: $6.49 (two pies)

Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies - Front

Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies – Front

Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies - Back

Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies – Back


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8 Responses to “Steak & Ale Pies – Trader Joe’s – Food Review”

  1. Joseph shyp Says:

    Does trader Joe have Australian four n twenty meat pies in Indianapolis?

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  2. Cathy Says:

    Wow. I bought this product twice. Each time, there were only 3 tiny pieces of meat and 2 pieces of potato. Gravy clinging to the sides. Crust is great but it just doesn’t cut it. Still hungry.

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  3. Trader Joe’s Steak and Stout Pie Review – Says:

    […] verdict:  For $6.49, this might confuse you with a discontinued freezer product by a similar name: Steak & Ale Pies.  I never had the chance to try those out so I can’t compare them to this.  What are […]

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  4. Ann potts Says:

    The pastry is good.the steak and vegetable filling is rather bland.I enjoy many of your products so I am sorry to say the pie was disappointing.

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