Toscana 2011 IGT Rosso – San Zenone – Wine Review – ALDI

Toscana - 2011 - IGT - San Zenone

Toscana – 2011 – IGT – San Zenone

I’m not quite as enthusiastic over this 2011 vintage as the Bald Viveur was for the 2009 vintage.  But for those who care, the bald guy explains some of the mystery over what’s in the bottle.

This is a good red table wine. It’s at the same time full-bodied and slightly watery.  It’s full-bodied at the front and middle of the mouth which wears out as it reaches the throat.  I’m not sure how it does that, but the 13% alcohol content may help explain it.  It causes a little bit of a bit of a pucker to the mouth and leaves a definite lingering impression on the roof.  There’s a noticeable burn as it goes down the throat.  It’s a little rough around the edges, as most table wines are.  It would stand up well to foods which are also a little rough around the edges, but would over power more delicate foods.

In the $5.99 price range, I’d rather pick up one of the Trader Joe’s DOCG Chiantis or even for a little less, one of their IGT Sangioveses.  Even at ALDI, although not recently reviewed, the Santa Bachelli DOCG Chianti might be a better choice for a dollar less.  That review is remarkably similar to this experience.

In conclusion, this is okay, but not great. It’s drinkable, especially at dinner. You also won’t feel you’ve thrown your money away.  But there are better wines in this price range.

Price  $5.99

Toscana - 2011 - IGT - San Zenone

Toscana – 2011 – IGT – San Zenone


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2 Responses to “Toscana 2011 IGT Rosso – San Zenone – Wine Review – ALDI”

  1. Ken Byfield Says:

    Love Toscano Rosso wine from Aldi but alas can’t find it now. Any ideas please Ken


    • steveo Says:

      Unfortunately no help here. However the Santa Bachelli Chianti DOCG is a pretty decent wine which ALDI seems to keep on the shelves regularly. You might give that a try if you see it. Both from Tuscany and both, I believe, use the same grape.


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