Landshut Riesling – 2013 – Wine Review – ALDI

Landshut Riesling

Landshut Riesling

Everyone needs one of these if for no other reason than the electric blue bottle.

I was a little reluctant to review this wine as it first appeared at ALDI for Oktoberfest.  Well, that’s at least the first time I noticed it.   And usually the Oktoberfest specials go off the shelves quickly, not to return until the next Oktoberfest.  Two months later (now), this wine seems to have found a more permanent place on the shelves.   So here goes a review.

The wine was slightly bubbly on first opening.  It did not have an especially fruity smell or taste, as white wines sometimes do.  It’s not very acidic, as white wines can be.  There’s no wow or negatives to the wine.  It can be safely used for guests without eliciting very many complaints, comments, or compliments.

I used it to deglaze a pan of Italian sausage and peppers and it worked well for such.  I also used a glass (or two) of the wine to accompany the meal.  The very slightly sweet wine worked perfectly to tone down the spicy heat of the hot Italian sausage.  Yin and yang.

Coming from a person who doesn’t especially prefer white wines, this wine was more than passable – and enjoyable.  For $4.99, if you’re a white wine drinker, you might like this also.  And just to reiterate, everyone should have one just for the exceptional blue bottle.

Price $4.99

Landshut Riesling

Landshut Riesling


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3 Responses to “Landshut Riesling – 2013 – Wine Review – ALDI”

  1. Landshut Riesling 2016 – Wine Review – ALDI | Ain't Found A Good Title Blog Says:

    […] of the tongue.  There is no burn on the tongue, roof of mouth or back of the throat.  I liked the 2013 version and have no complaints with this one either, other than it’s a touch too sweet for […]


  2. LisaKhris Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine and, unbelievably, did not get a headache.

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