Santa Bachelli Chianti DOCG – 2011 – Wine Review – ALDI


ALDI_SantaBachelliChianti_DOCG2011To be fair, the cork was compromised.

Yes, the center of the cork was rotten.  So, given the time and energy, there’ll be an updated comment to this review from a different bottle of this wine.  Having made the disclaimer, this still wasn’t a bad wine. My real disappointment is, this didn’t seem to be up to the standards of the DOCG label on the neck. By comparison, from memory, this is more like some of the Tuscan IGT wines made from the same Sangiovese grape that is the primary grape of Chianti. IGT is a lesser Italian wine classification.

Uncharacteristically for a Sangiovese wine, this wine was very acidic. In my mouth that gives it a very rough feel as it travels past the back of the mouth into the throat. It also led to a couple of chewable antacids in the early morning hours when I should have been warm and toasty in bed on a cold winter night. There were some mild tanin flavors on the roof of the mouth and tongue.  Both these give the wine “character”, but is it a rough character?

Rather than a DOCG classification for this wine, it seems more appropriate to classify this as a good red table wine – which is perfectly in line with its $4.99 price. By that I mean a wine that can be sloshed down while eating a plate of good Italian sausage and peppers. It’s not a wine to be savored, but one to enhance the conversation at the dinner table.

An update.  With a quick trip to my wine rack, I surprisingly found a second bottle of this wine – a bottle without a questionable cork.  As I sip it now, my initial reaction is confirmed.  This wine is okay.  It’s not up to its label classification, but it’s still okay especially considering its low price.  And speaking of classification, included below is a picture of the neck-band from bottle.  It’s a different design than I’m used to seeing.

Price $4.99




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2 Responses to “Santa Bachelli Chianti DOCG – 2011 – Wine Review – ALDI”

  1. Kristan Kellan Says:

    I’ve noticed a coupla major things about the ALDI’s wines and they are: let ’em breathe and, if desparate measures are called for, bring the sweetener. For the latter, I’ve found the subtle flavors of fruit and spice really come out. Maybe all these beg for is more time on the shelf but eh, it’s all in one’s judgement.


  2. Rand Says:

    Picked up a bottle of Santa Bachelli Chianti at Aldi yesterday on a late Sunday afternoon run to the store for a few items. We really like Chianti so we said lets give this a go. Its OK with a pizza and for $4.99 is better than a six pack of bruskis. We will stick with the Gabbiano Classicos going forward. But what the heck all wine is good wine and if puts a smile on your face and a twinkle in her eye its all good!!!!


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