14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Homemade Chicken Broth – Day Ten


Running out of clear liquid ideas fast.

252 hours (10.5 days) without solid food.

Since I used a whole chicken in my chicken cacciatore recipe several months ago, left over was a chicken carcass.  Waste not, want not, so the carcass found its way into a pot with some water and possibly some vegetables to make chicken broth. The plan was always to freeze the broth and make chicken soup later.

Then along came this little medical problem and the corresponding liquid diet for two weeks.  The chicken broth came out of the freezer.  When thawed and a small portion warmed in a cup in the microwave, came the first taste.  Disappointment followed quickly.  It was pretty darn tasteless.  It had a nice smooth feel in the mouth, but still pretty tasteless.

After finding the flashlight, came a quick excursion into the dark abyss of the “spice shelf”.  With a flying flurry of small jars, plastic bottles, really old miniature tin cans and assorted other containers, what remained on the counter top were the usual, for me, assortment of things that make food good; dried basil, oregano, parsley, some ground cayenne, salt and surprisingly sugar.

After a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of rewarming, the cup of homemade broth was made flavorful.  The best part I found was the cayenne which left a nice mild heat at the back of the throat.  I’m sure my doctor might have discouraged the cayenne had he known, since I suspect part of the idea of the diet is to keep my stomach acid in check.

Back into the freezer went the remaining homemade broth to be used later in that previously planned chicken soup.  I’m sure it will greatly add to the soup once all the other ingredients are added in.  For the remaining four days of this diet, my chicken broth is coming out of the Better Than Bouillon jar which in this case is also better than homemade chicken broth.

Things I’m missing day ten, Quesadilla Special, served at our local Mexican restaurant with a jumbo margarita – on the rocks.  The quesadilla is made with chorizo.  Great salsa and chips are served first while the entrée is prepared.  The quesadilla comes with a dollop of some of the best guacamole anywhere.  But don’t get the impression I’m really missing this.  Yes I am.

Four days to go.


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