14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Minute Miso – Day Nine – Food Review


Miso is a mess.

228 hours (9.5 days) without solid food.

Miso is a mess in that there can be wide variation in how it’s made and how it tastes.  Wikipedia, as usual, sums it up nicelyMiso soup adds to that variation.

Keeping it simple for this liquid diet, it’s just being used as a broth by mixing one tablespoon of Minute Miso with a cup of hot water.  As a broth,  it’s lacking some other ingredients that might be in a miso soup, and their flavor.   However it still makes a nice gently flavored broth that will most likely resemble a miso soup you may have had in a restaurant.

There are a couple of negatives, neither has to do directly with the product.  The first negative, at least here, miso is difficult to find.  This was the only miso product on a local supermarket shelf.  If I had been willing to do some research I probably could have found other local sources.  The second negative, miso is rather on the expensive side.  This 10 ounce bottle cost $6.99.  When viewed as cost per cup of broth, at 44 cents a cup it seems more reasonable.  However in comparison to the Better Than Bouillon product, which costs about a dollar less and makes 38 cups, it’s over twice as expensive.

Things I’m missing day nine, potato chips – badly.  I don’t know why, but they almost broke me.

Five days to go.

Calories 20 per tablespoon    Price $6.99    Sodium 800 mg

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