Trader Joe’s Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Food Review


This is why biodiesel won’t solve the energy crisis.

At $5.99 a 500 ml bottle, or $11.98 a liter, this one bottle would get your 48 mpg diesel car about 6 miles down the road, for about $1.00 a mile.  We could take a cab for that price.

There’s nothing wrong with TJ’s Sicilian Olive Oil.  Although, it does have a little bitterness as it gets to the back of the throat.  That must be what the label means by, “… distinctive peppery finish”.  This olive oil has a buttery feel in the mouth, similar to TJ’s plain Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The label claims it’s made from, Biancolilla, Ogghiaredda and Cerasuola Sicilian olives. This last claim is why I bought the oil.  Do select olive varieties make a better oil than the no-name olives used in other olive oil blends?  At least in this case, the answer seems to be no.

The bottle and label look high-end.  That goes along with the price.  The bottle makes a nice accessory on the counter.  But, olive oil should be stored away from light, so you’ll take a chance of the oil going bad.  Perhaps the best solution for getting a nice decorative bottle for the counter is to first use the olive oil and then fill the bottle with some green tea.  It might take a little practice getting the color close.  Just remember, after the bottle is filled with tea, do not use it in your favorite vinaigrette.

TJ’s Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still better in my book.  This is especially true when, for the same price, TJ’s Spanish Olive Oil is a full liter and the Sicilian product is only a 1/2 liter.  In fact, regardless of price, even TJ’s plain Extra Virgin Olive Oil seems the equal to this Sicilian blend.  However, both beauty and taste are in the eyes and/or taste buds of the beholder.

For other olive oil reviews, try this link.

Calories 120/ tablespoon (15 ml)   Price $5.99 for 500 ml (1/2 liter)


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3 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Food Review”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I agree with the other posts – this is hands down my favorite olive oil. I could literally drink it – and the price is unreal


  2. dfsandif Says:

    I don’t know who the reviewer is but I don’t think he knows much about olive oil.
    I found the oil wonderful (great nose – and nice taste).
    I used to saute fish.


  3. K. McMath Says:

    The best olive oil I have ever tasted. Great with a salad and balsamic vinegar. Fantastico……


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