Tuna In Green Curry Sauce – Trader Joe’s – Thailand – Food Review


Oh my!  This is a winner. It’s as good as TJ’s Paneer Tikka Masala.  And that is very very good.

I’ve always thought that good Thai food is exceptional.  At least here, the problem is a short supply of Thai restaurants.  Many have sold out to broad market appeal making their menu lean toward Chinese cuisine, subdued flavors, and little heat.  That’s a shame, because the different flavors in good Thai food are about as varied as the different flavors in Indian food.  And as in Indian food, heat is a complement to the flavors.  When done well,  either cuisine is a perfect package of fine eating.

The first thing that hits the senses after heating this is the smell.  That’s a good thing because where there’s smell there’s flavor.  The smell here is a little fishy.  That’s also good because there’s tuna in here.  Tuna is a fish.  Fish smell fishy.  But mixed in with the fishy smell are other smells that entice the salivary glands to go into overdrive.  Along with the fishy smell are actual large pieces of tuna.  See the picture below.

The excellent tuna is surrounded by a nice broth.  When the spoon drops its contents in the mouth there’s a strong pervasive heat.  It’s not overpowering where you’ll want to reach for a quick splash of cold water.  But at the same time, it’s not for the fainthearted.  The heat touches the whole mouth and doesn’t stop heating.  Nor do you ever want it to stop heating.  That’s just the opening act.  The second act is a mystery as the other flavors start to entertain the senses.  Read the ingredients label.  Whatever combination of ingredients creates these flavors works extremely well.

Tuna in Green Curry Sauce is packed in a heavy-duty plastic and foil pouch.  Carefully tear the top of the pouch off, empty into a microwave safe bowl and heat for a couple of minutes.   There are only 230 calories in the package.  That may not be very many, but they seem to be some very filling calories.  Because it stores at room temperature, and tastes so good, this is an excellent office lunch.  The tuna is labelled “Dolphin Safe”.  The package is labelled as “No gluten ingredients used”.  The price is more than right,  $1.69.

The only negative to everything is the salt content.  At 1520 mg of sodium, this little package is almost 2/3 of what we need in an entire day.  This much salt produces a slightly salty taste at first.  It was noticeable, but not objectionable.  In fact, after a while, the salty taste was quickly overpowered by everything else and not noticeable.

I’ll be heading down to Trader Joe’s in the next few days to buy another box or two and verify that this is really as good the second and third time.  I think it will be.

Calories 230 per package   Price  $1.69

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10 Responses to “Tuna In Green Curry Sauce – Trader Joe’s – Thailand – Food Review”

  1. Mitch Says:

    I’m down to my last package. This has been a favorite of my daughter and me. A pint of cous-cous, a package of this diluted with a can of tuna-the two of us would have a satisfying meal in five minutes.

    Oh Trader Joe, bring this back.


  2. Konstantin Says:

    I just tried the Roza green curry and first of all it’s like 1/2 the contents of what TJ used to have, and it’s simply not as good – it’s tasty, but not as good as TJ’s was.


  3. Pamela Says:

    I am going crazy trying to find this product!! If you find out please let me know!!! Thanx Pamela


  4. Tom Says:

    really sad this is discontinued. if anyone knows if the company still makes it under a different name/brand, please let us know!

    This was the best meal anyone could possibly get for $1.60 :/


  5. Mirjam Palmer Says:

    I LOOOOVE the TJ Thai green curry tuna – but unfortunately as of 6/2/2012 this item is discontinued 😦 No more available anywhere. If you know of a good recipe, please let me know. Thanks!


  6. Alex S. Says:

    My favourite meal inthe world…I eat it with Trader Joe’s brown rice and fills me up…and for $1.69 you can’t go wrong…


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