Olive Oil Review List – Trader Joe’s – Top 10ish


Can’t call it a top 10 list like our wine review list, because it’s easier to drink a bottle of wine than a bottle of olive oil.

Despite the underwhelming response to the overwhelming depth of knowledge agonizingly acquired over countless hours, invariably followed by an extremely rough next day, contained in our compendium of wine reviews, here’s another list of reviews that people can ignore.

As implied above, it’s much easier and faster to go through a bottle of wine in the normal course of everyday life than a bottle of olive oil.  Given that, this list will start off with only  3 items, versus our Top 10 Wine Review which currently has a list of around 20 wines(yes, I sometimes have a math problem).

However, the top 1 of this list appears on a lot of other top olive oil lists.  For someone looking to quickly find a top olive oil at a good price, just go buy number 1 below (TJ’s Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil).  With the time and money saved, buy yourself one of the top 1 or 2 wines on our other list.  You’ll double your pleasure that way.

1.  Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil

This one not only tops this list but also, if you want to do the research, appears at the top of many other lists.  That’s especially true when the list takes into account value, as in, quality per dollar.  High quality at a low price.    $5.99/liter

2.  Trader Joe’s 100% Greek Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This one is the equal of my number 1 above.  The only reason why it’s not a tie for first place is the $3 more per liter price.   $8.99/liter

3.  Trader Joe’s President’s Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is another high quality, low price choice.  The taste is a little more subtle than the Spanish variety above.    $5.99/liter

4.  Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While a slightly lower price than the first three above, this one doesn’t measure up to the quality of the first three.  However,  it’s still the equal of most olive oil on supermarket shelves.  And you’ll save a dollar or two from what the supermarket will normally charge.  But, for 50 cents more (yes, that’s all), pick up either of the $5.99 oils above from Trader Joe’s.    $5.49/liter

5.  Trader Joe’s Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While twice the price, it’s not twice as good.  In fact there’s not much difference between this and TJ’s just Extra Virgin Olive Oil above.    $5.99/500 ml (half liter)


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One Response to “Olive Oil Review List – Trader Joe’s – Top 10ish”

  1. Jeff Johnson Says:

    Hello. I wanted to point out the cost of the Kalamata Greek EVOO is so much more is due to the quantity of this olive oil that is actually produced. The Olive Oil in Spain is typically 20 percent less in cost than that of Greek EVOO. In addition, Spain & Italy both purchase near 50 percent of the Greek EVOO for export in order to mix with there own that is in order to add more flavor or darken the EVOO they sell, which tends to be on the yellowish side most the time.. I am not suggesting the Spanish EVOO TRADER JOE’s uses is mixed. Most likely it is EVOO from a very solid source. I am suggesting the market price for Greek EVOO Is higher than that of Spain and it carries a higher value in the Mediterranean Marketplace due to needing less for the same taste. Quite possibly you need 33 percent more of the Spanish EVOO in order to gain the same taste as the Greek when mixed with Balsamic or Red Wine vinegar. In the long run. Less calories with the Greek and less product with the same or better value and taste.


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