Trader Joe’s Corn & Chile Salsa (Tomato-Less) – Food Review


The jar says, “A sweet combination of corn, red peppers, onion and a touch of heat.”  And that it is.

For your next party or for yourself, this will be a pleasant surprise.  The sweetness catches your attention first.  And while your mind starts to go down the path of, “Well someone must have labeled the jar wrong, because salsa isn’t supposed to be sweet …”, your tongue raises its taste buds in contradiction.  While the tingle builds on the tongue, the mental confusion between sweet and hot rages in your mind.  The rage doesn’t last too long, because your common sense kicks in pretty quickly, telling you to just take another bite.  And you do.  And you do. And you do.

I was eating these on another Trader Joe’s enigma,  Tortilla Chips – with an Identity Crisis.  The combination was pretty good. 

At about $2.30 a jar, this is not one of Trader Joe’s bargains.  However the price is in line with the usual watery red salsa found in your local full service supermarket.  The real problem is that once you start eating this, you won’t stop until the jar is rinsed out and in the recycle bin.  Give it a try on your next trip to the Trader.

 Pictured complete with condensation as it just came out of the frig.

Corn & Chile Salsa on some “Identity Crisis Chips.”


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