Clerks II (2006) – Movie Review


Let us cultivate our garden.

For those of you who like the two philosophical stoners, Jay and Silent Bob, you’ll like Clerks II.  For those of you who might be offended by a hilarious parody of the Tijuana donkey show, or, first test, for those of you who don’t have a clue what the Tijuana donkey show is, better leave this one on the video rental shelf or take it off your Netflix queue.

What does any of this have to do with, “Let us cultivate our garden”.  Surprisingly the ending of Clerks II, in its own way, reminds me of  Voltaire’s Candide (1759). Now the fact that Candide would even enter my mind after watching Clerks II makes me wonder if I have a slowly growing brain tumor, blood clot, or may have been kicked one too many times by the previously mentioned donkey.  And after doing a Wikipedia on Candide, I realized that I remembered almost nothing about the book except the subject line of this post, let us cultivate our garden.

The similarity, at least to me, between Dante from Clerks II and Candide, is that each are on a journey to find themselves.  They didn’t start out with that purpose.  In fact each probably doesn’t realize they’re on a journey.  But in the end, they find themselves, in the least likely of places.

So for the guys, or girls, clerking the Quick Stop, or manning the fire house, or doing scientific research on worms, or doing anything else you like to do, but might seem ordinary when compared to what people on the cover of  Time do, keep on cultivating that garden.

Clerks II,  1.5 numb butts, is a surprisingly good sentimental philosophical and very funny look at ourselves and what life is really about.  If you don’t buy any of the first sentence, see it for the donkey show.  ” Boys? You can’t be imprisoned for watching … You’ll walk. The worst I’ll get is a huge fine for animal abuse …”


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