Julie and Julia (2009) – Movie Review


Cute as a button Amy Adams (playing real life Julie Powell) finds the freest of spirits Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) through a cooking book, with a suprising amount of very tasteful sex thrown in.  Would you expect anything but very tasteful sex in a movie about cooking?

As many others have written, this is a very good movie. It’s the story of what would be two rather ordinary people trying to find themselves.  As you know, Julia finds herself in French cooking and in the process influences another person some 50+ years later to find herself through the same.  As these are two very real people, the movie chronicles the ups and downs, highs and lows, that every person has going through life.  There’s something very ordinary in the script that let’s us know, despite both these people having their 15 minutes of fame (or longer), what they did, they did for themselves first. 

Rotten Tomatoes classifies the movie as a comedy.  It is quietly funny.  How could it not be funny when the movie is about  a person like Julia Child?  If you’ve never seen Julia’s cooking show on PBS, you wouldn’t understand how a person could always make cooking something fun to watch.  Always taking the cooking seriously but, one would assume, never herself, Julia, perhaps, laid the foundation for the current interest in food and cooking shows. 

While pleasantly funny throughout, the story also parallels two love stories, Julia’s and Julie’s.  One might imply from the movie that Julia may have applied the same great abandon in the bedroom as she did in the kitchen.  Nonetheless, the story hints gently, leaving the rest to our thoughts.

One last note, Meryl Streep is hardly ever in a bad movie, the most likely exception being Mama Mia!.   As always, her portrayal of Julia, alone is worth the rental.

A mild romantic comedy about two people finding themselves through French cooking, may not sound like a fun way to spend an evening.  However this movie will make the evening fun.  There’s only one way to end.   Bon appétit!


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