Net Neutrality – It’s Not Dead Yet – Help Keep It Alive


net neutralityNext week the US Senate will vote whether to override the new FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules which would eliminate the internet as we know it today.  You may have noticed your Netflix monthly charge is going up $1 and that your Amazon Prime charge is going up 20%.  Both raises have taken place since the FCC passed the new rules which will allow an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to charge Netflix, Amazon and other companies providing content over the internet more to maintain the same service as they had prior to the new rules.  That includes even bloggers.   You see how it works.  If content providers have to pay more, eventually you’re going to pay more.

You can do something about it by urging your senators to override the new FCC rules.  There’s only one more vote needed in the Senate to start the process to overturn the new FCC rules.

Here are two links to help explain what’s going on and to help you get in touch with your senators.  It’s pretty easy to do.



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