Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review


Peets, whole bean coffee, major dickasons, review, priceFebruary 2, 2018

Why can’t we just say West Coast Roast?  Starbucks and Peet’s get the credit, or blame, for this dark roast thing.  I’m going to coin the term now.  This is a West Coast Roast.  It sort of rhymes too!

A nice mild coffee aroma escapes the bag.  The beans are dark brown and oily, both characteristics of a dark roast. The coffee is bitter in the cup once brewed, but still drinkable black.  This is one of the less bitter, bitter coffees I’ve had.  Aside from the bitterness, this is a milder dark roast with a nice flavor, especially after it has cooled some. So if you’re in a Target, or other large box shop, desperate for coffee, like a bitter coffee that can still be drank black, find this on sale, go for it.

Now for the name, I’m disappointed. The name is what attracted me to the bag.  Because of the name, Major Dickason’s, I was expecting a backstory straight out of a Rudyard Kipling work. But alas, Major seems to have been only a frequent flyer at the first Peet’s store who apparently liked a bitter cup of coffee?

Price $7.99 on sale,  $9.49 regular price – 12 ounce bag


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6 Responses to “Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review”

  1. Ttrockwood Says:

    I have always loved a darker roast (i add a splash of milk to my coffee) and this one from Peet’s is one of my favorites! I like a very strong intense coffee flavor and some lighter roasts just end up tasting like weak diner coffee to me somehow.

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    • steveo Says:

      Milk, or better half-and-half, always go good with coffee. Thanks for adding your thoughts. ☕


  2. Shape Shifters Fitness Trainer Says:

    Funny history about the name, I’ve tried a few Peet’s blends when they were on sale at Target a few year back and they were always good.

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