Stringbean Ethiopian True Blue Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review


whole bean coffee, review, price, Ethiopian, True Blue, review, Sting Brean Coffee Company11/29/2017

So far the lighter roasts at Trader Joe have been in general, disappointing.  The beans tend to have some oil on them, which indicates the roast is bordering on the next shade of dark.  But worse than that, the coffees tend to be bitter.  Bitterness is something that’s not supposed to happen with a lighter roast.  So, in a late night supermarket run, and in a moment of weakness towards my checking account balance, I picked up a local roaster’s light-medium roast coffee at an on-sale but still significant price.  The beans were also Ethiopian according to the bag. This was another point of curiosity for me, as I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the African coffee beans at TJ.  So I was able to try another source for African beans.  And don’t forget Ethiopia is the home of the very first coffee beans discovered by man.  Women discovered coffee beans about 362 years earlier, but I’m not going to get into that.

whole bean coffee, review, price, Ethiopian, True Blue, review, Sting Brean Coffee CompanyNow the other thing TJ doesn’t have is a picture of the guy who allegedly roasted the beans.  On the back of this bag is a picture of Peter and the story of how Peter roasts these the old fashion way, minus all the fancy digital technology which controls the nuances of the roasting process for larger roasters.  Here, it’s just Peter, a large Bunsen burner and maybe a 50 gallon recycled steel drum?  I don’t know, just saying . . .

There’s a nice toasty aroma coming from the bag.  Not a coffee aroma especially, but a nice toasty aroma.  The beans are small and a medium brown with no oil on them.  That’s what a lighter roast should be.  In the cup, the body is medium to light, like a very strong tea, without of course the tea taste.  The flavor of the coffee is good.  And unlike the Trade Joe lighter roasts there’s no bitterness in the coffee.  The coffee picks up a little more flavor as it cools – or is it that the taste buds are not overwhelmed by the almost boiling water being poured over them at first?  At any rate, here’s to Peter, the Bunsen burner and Ethiopia for making a good lighter roast coffee.

So TJ throw away those digital computer-controlled roasting things.  Peter is cleaning your clocks on these lighter roasts.  And I hear, Peter turns those steel drums over at the end of the day and plays a little Calypso.

Here’s the URL for the Stringbean Coffee Company.

Price $9.99 on sale,  $11.99 regular price – 12 ounce bag


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