Trader Joe’s – Unexpected Cheddar Cheese- Food Review


Trader Joe, review, calories, price, nutrition, cheese, unexpected cheddarNovember 17, 2017

Unexpected?  You bet it was unexpected. After months of searching for this on the top shelf where all the other Cheddars live, I found this in with the Bries, Camemberts and who knows what else.

TJ says there’s a touch of Parmesan in the taste which makes this Cheddar unexpected. By my taste buds, I didn’t detect any Parmesan. And also by my taste buds, this doesn’t really taste like other Cheddars. But the taste of this cheese is very nice, having a touch of tanginess mixed with a touch of sweetness. The texture is similar to other TJ cheese blends, firm but tends to crumble when cutting. That’s not a negative, just an observation. In the mouth, there are a few bits of what seem like cheese crystals characteristic of an aged cheese. Whatever the blend of cheeses here, or whatever the process that went into making this, this is a nice cheese, perfect for enjoying by itself or even better with a glass of wine.

Trader Joe, review, calories, price, nutrition, cheese, unexpected cheddarPrice $3.99 per 7 ounce package

Calories 120 per ounce


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6 Responses to “Trader Joe’s – Unexpected Cheddar Cheese- Food Review”

  1. Jan Says:

    Yes, it’s delicious. However, when I tried to slice it, it produced tiny bits of cheese, which I ended up spooning off the cheese platter. Very clumsy way to eat cheese. How do you eat it without it separating into myriad small pieces?

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    • steveo Says:

      Good question. It sounds as if yours fell completely apart. If you haven’t done so, try cutting it into thicker chunks to keep more of it together.


  2. Ttrockwood Says:

    I brought this to a gathering with some other cheeses as part of a cheese platter and specifically because i wanted to try it (dairy hates me but i can handle a nibble here and there), it was a crumbley mess but certainly wonderful and a nice very firm texture, i could taste that parm flavor which certainly was unexpected

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    • steveo Says:

      TJ has a few other cheddar cheese blends you might want to try or bring to the next party, caramelized onions, truffles and Sriracha and truffles. All good.


  3. Shape Shifters Fitness Trainer Says:

    Absolutely love that you’re reviewing foods from Trader Joe’s!

    I’m always worried about wasting money on something that I won’t like, especially when it comes to cheese, which can be fickle. I’ll definitely be using this for reference, and thanks for reviewing cheese and other foods, saving others and myself lot’s of buyers remorse : )

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