Trader Joe’s – Joe’s Dark Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review


Trader Joe, joe's dark coffee, whole bean, review, dark roastFebruary 6, 2017

I’ve been drinking this for a couple of weeks now as my daily coffee fix.  I’ve got nothing bad to say about it.  It’s a pretty decent coffee, and for a little less money than my usual brew (TJ Tarrazu).

This is not a very dark, dark roast.   Trader Joe does a pretty good job on their dark roasts. They manage to leave out most of the bitterness that some other dark roasts have.  There is some bitterness in the coffee, making this coffee less smooth than my normal coffee.  But it’s still not objectionable.  If you’re looking for a Starbucks-like dark roast, this ain’t it.

The beans come from Ethiopia and Brazil which may explain the difference in size of the beans in the can.  The coffee is not listed as organic or fair trade, if those things are important to you.

Price $4.99 (13 ounce can)


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