Vignobles Lacheteau – 2015 – Vouvray – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s


white wine, review, France, Loire, Vignobles Lacheteau, price, Vouvray, 2015January 25, 2017

Aside from the most difficult screw cap I’ve ever encountered, this was a “sweet” wine.  Well not sweet in the sweet taste sense, rather sweet as in very nice.  The wine actually was slightly sweet to match the faint fruity apple flavor.  The wine had a medium acidity as measured by my stomach and throat, but not enough to require medication.  For me, this is one wine where a little bit of chill brings out the best qualities.

The wine comes from the Vouvray region of the Loire Valley in France.  Although the bottle doesn’t specify the grape, that region is famous for the Chenin Blanc grape.  That grape is likely the source of the juice that ultimately became this wine.

The wine generally gets above average reviews on the web, with some thinking it too sweet for their tastes.  For me, a person who generally avoids white wines, I really liked this one.  Price $7.99.


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6 Responses to “Vignobles Lacheteau – 2015 – Vouvray – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s”

  1. Dennis NC USA Says:

    Friends brought one over for dinner last night, and we enjoyed. I’m no connoisseur, but enjoy wines, and Trader Joe’s good wines at great prices.
    We had a TJ’s Viñas Chilenas Rosario Reserva Rosé 2017, a Kirkland (Costco) Sonoma County 2015 Chardonnay, and this Vouvray. Decent wines for dinner for folks “like the rest of us”.
    This wine is a distinctive white, in that it is certainly sweeter than an un-oaked Chardonnay, It is somewhat like a good Rosé, but even a tad sweeter. We had with Asian-influenced dinner; home-made spring rolls, napa cabbage ginger asian style, grilled pork kabobs marinated in hoisin and 7 spices sauce. A perfect wine for a light meal that wants a bit of light sweetness. And $7.99 @ TJ’s is “sweet” too. Distinctive grape, and my thought – something like the Gewürztraminer. Muscato’s are too sweet for most of us.
    Should be available now. Good for hot summer enjoyment.

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  2. Louise Kurata Says:

    I wish to purchase this wine. Case of six. Is it available

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    • steveo Says:

      You’ll need to check with your nearest Trader Joe’s. I’m just a customer like you. Hope you find it available.


  3. steveo Says:

    First, I’m not a big white wine drinker so I have limited things to compare with. Not sweet as a Mogen David Concord that my grandmother used to give me. I know you’re laughing now.
    Just a little sweet to take the edge off the wine. It really was for me like a weak apple, a mixture of sweetness and tartness.


  4. odedi's Wine Reviews Says:

    Is it sweet or just off dry?

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