Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda Cheese – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


old amsterdam aged gouda, cheese, goudaNovember 8, 2016

This cheese has a creamy, but not soft, texture in the mouth.  There’s a nice nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness.  There’s some crystallization in the cheese which you can feel as the crystals come in contact with the teeth.  That’s typical of an aged Gouda.  This is a very good cheese.

The black wax on this cheese is traditionally used for a Gouda cheese aged a minimum of around 10-12 months.  The Old Amsterdam web site says they don’t age for a specific time, but rather age to a desired taste.  Although unspecified now, older reviews suggest an aging period of around 18 months without specifying a source for that number.  Regardless this cheese is a good aged Gouda.

The cheese is so good it’s a little bit addictive.  It’s hard to stop eating.  At $11.99 per pound, it’s at the higher end for cheeses at Trader Joe’s.  Considering the taste and quality, it’s worth the extra premium.  Elsewhere, this cheese may sell for up to $20 per pound.  Of the few other reviews on the web, this cheese also gets very high ratings.  Calories: 120 per ounce (28 g).


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  1. Consolacion Reyes Says:

    Old amsterdam cheese – can i purchase a wheel of the aged gouda.

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