Trader Joe’s – Bibimbap Bowl – Food Review


trader joe, bibimbap bowl, korean, food, rice, frozenThis is my first encounter with “Korean” food.  So there’s no point of reference for comparison.  However I’m reasonably sure that a decent Korean restaurant would provide a much better first experience.

July 9, 2016

There is plenty of:  rice, heat and calories.  There is not plenty of much else.  Of the not-much-else there are: some thin small pieces of  tender beef (although from the label this appears to be a modified beef product),  julienned carrots,  and some yellow stuff (probably eggs).  It’s normally relatively easy to match the actual ingredients with a name by reading the product label.  However the extra small black printing on the dark red box makes it very hard to read the ingredients (thankfully a photo viewer enlarges the print nicely).

A unique feature of the product is the separate sauce packet.  The packet is thawed easily by placing the unopened packet in a cup of hot water.  The other ingredients are cooked in the microwave.  The sauce is added after cooking.  This allows you to tailor the taste and heat to your liking.  Using the whole packet of sauce results in a very spicy hot dish.  Without the sauce the dish has a weak earthy taste most likely derived from some sesame oil.

Calories 600 per bowl with sauce         Price $3.49

trader joe, bibimbap bowl, korean, food, rice, frozen, nutrition

Bibimbap Bowl Nutrition

trader joe, bibimbap bowl, korean, food, rice, frozen



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