New Mexico Piñon Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

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New Mexico
Pinon Coffee

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is made by the New Mexico Piñon Coffee Company.  It’s pretty clear what this is and who makes it.  But what’s a piñon?

March 26, 2016

A piñon is a pine nut.  But it’s not a pine nut like you might know from Italian cooking.  It’s a different species that grows here in the southwestern US on pinyon pines.

Now that that’s out of the way, very simply, this is a flavored coffee.  While Trader Joe’s carries this, the coffee is also available at other outlets, including online outlets.

The brewed coffee is earthy, leaving a bit of dryness on the tongue after a few seconds.  Like most flavored coffees, this doesn’t especially taste like coffee.  The taste is uniquely different from pure coffee and other flavored coffees.  Of note is a feeling of fullness in the mouth.

Along with the pine nuts, the label lists “artificial flavoring.”  Whatever the combination of pine nuts and artificial flavor, this coffee has a subtle taste.  It’s not that kind of overpowering taste that is sometimes found in flavored coffees.  The taste is unique to this product.

On first opening there’s a hint of vanilla coming from the can.  As the coffee cools, there’s a hint of hazelnut flavor on the roof of the mouth and nostrils.  But the earthy flavor is what dominates the taste buds.

The origin of the coffee beans is unspecified.  All that’s claimed on the label is “high altitude arabica coffee.”  Although difficult to separate from the other ingredients, the coffee beans and roast appear to be of good quality.  This is a ground coffee, not whole beans.  This can is a medium roast.

Will you fall in love with this coffee?  Of course, I don’t know.  It’s drinkable enough that I’ll finish the can.  It’s not something I’m likely to purchase again because I prefer unflavored coffee.  If you try it and don’t like it, you can always bring it to work.  Chances are it will be 99.9% better than whatever the house work blend is.

Price $6.99 per 16 ounce can
coffee, new mexico coffee company, pinon, coffee, trader joe's

New Mexico
Pinon Coffee
Back Label


coffee, new mexico coffee company, pinon, coffee, trader joe's

New Mexico
Pinon Coffee



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4 Responses to “New Mexico Piñon Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s”

  1. Kipper Says:

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  2. Bob Armand Arias Says:

    I understand that Trader Joe’s has stopped carrying Piñon coffee. Why?f

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    • steveo Says:

      Bob, I’m just a customer like you. I don’t know why TJ doesn’t have this anymore. Thanks for letting us know.


      • Kipper Says:

        Of course they have it–at least in Santa Fe. Or you can order in buik from the flagship store in Albuquerque. Google it.

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