1967 – Toscana IGT 2010 – Grifone – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

1967  Toscana IGT Grifone - 2010

Toscana IGT
Grifone – 2010

Little did I know when I did the San Zenone Toscana Rosso wine review, that a week earlier I had picked up this IGT Toscana from Trader Joe’s.  If I had remembered I would have done a side by side comparison.  No one ever said wine improves the memory.  Did they?  I can’t remember.

First, here’s a word from the back of the bottle.  The wine is named 1967 because that’s the first year Grifone (among others around that time) started producing a Tuscan style wine that would soon be known as Super Tuscan.  That style eventually morphed into the IGT classification of wines we have today.  The idea of a Super Tuscan is that it’s so super good it rivals the higher classification of DOC or DOCG.  The IGT classification certifies the wine as being made in a certain regional manner, but not fully meeting some of the older DOC or DOCG requirements for that region.  And, I’m sure there were some politics involved in how all this came about that Wikipedia left out.  That would be the really interesting stuff that should be on the back of the bottle.

How is this wine compared with the San Zenone Toscana Rosso?  I prefer this over the San Zenone.  This is a touch less edgy and smoother.  There’s not so much of a lingering strong taste or feeling left in the mouth.

In general, whether IGT, DOC or DOCG, the Tuscan Sangiovese grape based wines are rock stars.  Pair this wine with your favorite group and rock on.

Price $5.99

1967  Toscana IGT Grifone - 2010

Toscana IGT
Grifone – 2010

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