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Moon_PhotoThere are two highs Canada gives to the US.

Canadian highs?  Not what you might think if you live in Colorado or Washington.  If you live elsewhere, don’t move to Canada just for these.

The first Canadian high is an atmospheric high pressure area that starts in the Arctic, flows down through Canada and into the US.  With it comes cold, crisp, cloudless and, most importantly, clear night skies.  Perfect for taking night sky pictures.  The second Canadian high is high heating bills.  Oh well.

If you’ve read the Long Lens, Long Story post, you’ll know that one thing I was looking for out of my $35, 800 mm lens investment was a decent moon shot.

Last night, Canada’s gifts arrived to the Midwest.  Armed with a semi-warm jacket and sweat shirt, a rickety lawn chair, the big rig attached to the camera and a borrowed cheap tripod that needed more support to stay up than it provided to the camera, I braved the elements, hiking, fully loaded with camera gear, out the front door to the driveway.

About 30 pictures later, four trips back in the house to warm the fingers and a little PC software exposure tweaking, I have my $35 decent moon shot.

Come the next Canadian high, a better tripod and learning how to actually correctly work the camera and PC software, I may venture out for another try.  But for now, I’m content . . . and still cold.

Moon Photo

Moon Photo


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