14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Assorted Sugary Drinks – Day Thirteen – Food Review


Things I didn’t miss.

324 hours (13.5 days) without solid food.

It’s not that I couldn’t have these.  In fact they are clear liquids and they qualify.  It’s just I never got around to using them much.  Having something warm felt better than something cold.  And, would you believe, I wanted to make my dentist happy?

  • Soda – bought 6 liters (for a total of $2 on sale) – never opened any of it – did have one QT 32 ounce fountain drink
  • Apple juice – had a gallon of it in the cupboard – it’s still there
  • Grape juice – had an open bottle in the frig – drank about 4 small glasses over the two weeks
  • Sweet iced tea – not what I usually drink – didn’t even think about it – hot tea with a bit of sugar or honey was better
  • Sports drinks – walked right past them in the aisle
  • Fortified drinks – nope
  • Powered mix ’em yourself drinks – bought one for the picture – it was okay – won’t buy again
  • No calorie flavored drinks – no sugar in these –  bought a dozen bottles – opened one – they go better with food – will use them for lunch

Things I’m missing day thirteen,   Chinese food.  Either from one of several favorite storefront restaurants or homemade.  The buffets will have to wait until by stomach gets back in shape.  I should say, until the stomach gets back out of shape.

One day to go.

Target Tropical Punch Drink Mix (pictured)

  Calories 60 per 1.33 tablespoons (a heaping) or 8 ounces prepared    –    Price  $2.44


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