14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Target Ice Pops – Day Seven – Food Review


“Enjoy the little things.”

180 hours (7.5 days) without solid food.

Zombieland rule #32, “Enjoy the little things.”  Twinkies are not on the diet list, so I’m enjoying what is on the diet list, ice pops.

Just like the gelatin dessert, ice pops are chewable.  Truthfully, there’s not a lot of chew to them, but you’d be surprised how good it feels to chew anything on a diet like this.  And the wooden pop stick is a bonus human chew toy.  Just watch out for the splitters.

There’s not much to say.  They’re cold, sweet, come in 4 different flavors, cost next to nothing, and have a whopping 40 calories each. At $1.97 for a box of 24, that’s about 8.21 cents each.  Best of all, they count as a clear liquid on the diet.

Things I’m missing day seven, frozen Thin Mints.  It’s Girl Scout cookie time here.  There’s a box locked up in my office desk waiting to take its rightful place in the freezer.

Seven days to go.

Calories 40 per pop      Price  $1.97 for 24 pops


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