14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Glory Chicken Base – Day Five – Food Review


Chicken soup for the soul, or soulful chicken soup?

132 hours (5.5 days) without solid food.

Following the hospital guidelines, broth is a clear liquid … most of the time.  The Glory Chicken Base might not qualify for two reasons.  But I’m not sorry I stumbled upon this.

First, how did I end up with this in the shopping basket. I blame a supermarket gone crazy. Why do they continue to do it?  After years of shopping a particular store and knowing where everything is located better than the employees, all stores have to break the peacefulness of the universe and screw things up by totally rearranging the whole place.  Not only does the new arrangement make it impossible to find anything, but they also decide to change their products at the same time.  Now it’s hard to know whether the item you’re looking for is in isle 5 or in the dumpster out in the alley.

So it was when my favorite Better Than Bouillon jars were gone from the shelves (once I found the new shelves).  What could be a worse time for a store to go crazy than in my hour of need.  That need was for a clear liquid chicken broth.  Vegetable and lobster base I had in the refrigerator.  But chicken base was absent without leave.

In its place on the new shelves were a couple of different brands of similar cooking bases. The Glory brand of bases had a chicken flavor.  Chicken was what I was looking for.  I should’ve noted the word “seasoned” on the jar.

Chicken was expected, but chicken did not meet those expectations when a teaspoon was dissolved in hot water. Instead a very flavorful peppery taste engulfed the tongue. The soothing, calming, smooth and comforting taste and feel of chicken broth was missing from Glory.  Along with the gritty flavor was a gritty feel to the broth. Tiny chunks of onion, other things and what may have been some small flakes of cayenne peppers floated around in the broth.  This was what the word “seasoned” on jar label meant.

Although good, peppery gritty broth did not fit the spirit of the hospital guidelines. For nine more days I’ll leave the Glory in the refrigerator and find a more traditional chicken broth to sip.  However, when those nine days are over, Glory is going to meet some noodles in a homemade noodle bowl.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Things I’m missing day five, marinated olives. Across from work is a supermarket with a super olive bar.  Not this week.

Nine days to go.

Calories  10 per teaspoon    Price  $4.83 (11 ounce jar – 312 g)


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