Beneventano Aglianico – 2009 – Epicuro – IGT – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s


This is a reader recommendation.  It’s a good recommendation.

With an IGT classification we expect a good drinkable wine.  This one meets and then exceeds that expectation. This wine distinguishes itself from some of the Tuscan wines by having a stronger taste and a slightly higher acid level.  Neither the stronger taste nor the higher acidity makes this wine any less enjoyable than other wines in this price range.  The wine is just more interesting in some ways.  The taste and acid level allow this wine to stand up very well to stronger foods at the dinner table.  The really good thing is that the tannins are well controlled.  For the extra mouth experience and perhaps a slight heat in the back of the throat, this is still a smooth wine going down.  There won’t be any eye squinting while the first sip goes down and you tell your hosts, that’s a really interesting wine.

Aglianico is the grape.  It’s roots (so to speak) are in ancient Greek times, migrating to the south of Italy.  Beneventano is the region in Italy where the grapes are grown.  Epicuro is the wine maker, but not this Epicuro (although we might guess that this Epicuro indulged in a similar wine often).

This is another good Trader Joe’s wine imported by D’Aquino.

Price $5.99


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