Simply Asia Roasted Peanut Noodle Bowl – Food Review


Compared to the distant memory of the last boxed noodle bowl I ate, these are better.  But they still might be better used stored in a survival kit that we hope never needs to be opened.

The memories are so distant because my last experience with boxed pre-cooked noodles was so bad, I actually couldn’t bring myself to try these.  So in my office drawer they sat until today.

The Simply Asia noodles were somehow more palatable than the Trader Joe’s variation from the past.  Perhaps it was the little extra bit of water added to the bowl before cooking that softened up the noodles making them feel less like plastic? Perhaps Simply Asia has a better method for cooking and entombing in plastic?  Perhaps I had just hit my head against the floor suffering a slight concussion? Just don’t smell the noodles when the plastic pouch is first cut open.  If you enjoy the aromas of an oil refinery, the noodles may be a pleasant surprise.

The sauce that goes with the noodles is bland.  At first it tasted a little like a mixture of soy sauce and ketchup.  That soon changed to just a bland taste.  There was nothing offensive about it, just bland.

The vegetable and peanut packets held tiny amounts of each, chopped into semi-microscopic pieces.  The package came with a plastic fork.  Simply Asia was careful to note that proudly on the front cover.  Even though it was rather small and flimsy, it did the job.  Let’s count that as a plus.

Cooking involves no more than cutting open 3 packets, dumping them into the included plastic bowl, adding two tablespoons of water, covering with the included cover and microwaving for 2 minutes.  It takes some prodding with the plastic fork to separate the noodles and mix with the sauce after cooking.

Nutritionally, these have rather high calories (510) and sodium (1140 mg), for a not so tasty lunch.  As shown on the picture below these were obtained on clearance for 99 cents.  The regular price is around $2.50.

Calories, 510 per bowl   Price, about $2.50 at regular price


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