Tuna In Red Panang Curry Sauce – Trader Joe’s – Thailand – Food Review


First green, now red. I hear there’s a yellow.  That spells traffic light.

Like its green cousin reviewed earlier, this is great quick meal. For a full review of this product line, follow the link to the green review.

From memory, the red tastes very much like the green.  The color, of course, is a pale red compared to a pale green.  Did I have to point that out?  At least in this batch, the red heat seemed a little milder than the green.  The red also seemed to have more of a creamy feel in the mouth.  Sort of like a bisque.  There was plenty of good strong tuna in the pouch.  Strong in the sense of an old pair of wet gym shoes that have mildly fermented.  While that doesn’t work for the shoes, it does work for the tuna.

Tear open the foil pouch, drop the contents in a microwave safe bowl, heat for two minutes and enjoy.

The tuna is labelled “Dolphin Safe”.  The package is labelled as “No gluten ingredients used”.

There’s a little less salt in this recipe. 1240 mg compared to 1520 mg of sodium in the green variety.  Still, that’s 52% of what we need daily.

Next.  In search of the tuna in yellow curry sauce.

Calories 240 per package   Price  $1.69


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7 Responses to “Tuna In Red Panang Curry Sauce – Trader Joe’s – Thailand – Food Review”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Please let me know if you find it anywhere, it is the best thing I ever ate and I am so sad they don’t sell it. Love the Red and Green


  2. Darius Says:

    Is there any other place from where I can get the same phenomenal tuna curry?


  3. Margie Koller Says:

    My two daughters, both their husbands, my husband and I LOVE this product. I usually get 10- 15 boxes at a time and even ship some to relatives in Wisconsin. Sadly, I was told the product has been discontinued. This is terrible news.


    • steveo Says:

      Yes it is sad. It seems like it was discontinued this month. Two readers left comments on the Tuna in Green Curry Sauce review expressing similar sadness. I’ll do a little more searching. If I find something that looks similar I’ll send another reply.


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