Creamy Coconut Curry & Rice – Target – Archer Farms – Food Review


Still in decision mode on this one.

It’s slightly better than its cousin.  I’m still trying to decide how much I like it.  Once again, based on relative value, this is a bargain.  Probably enough for two light eaters.  Everything you need is in the box, except a fork.

Like its cousin, Tikka Masala & Spiced Green Pea Rice, this falls a little short on taste.  However, this seems to be a bit tastier.  It has a nice mild heat that warms the mouth.  That’s probably a good thing if you’re having this for lunch at work.  Don’t want too much fire-breathing at the after-lunch meeting.  The rice is not the highest quality basmati.  But maybe we should count our blessings that the rice came through the canning process as well as it did.   The  sauce is a little more intriguing with a few more discernible flavors thrown in.  There’s still something in the sauce that gives it an odd flavor.  There is a fair amount of coconut both in the sauce and the rice.  The coconut adds an interesting texture.

Overall, this is fairly good.  If  they could get rid of the odd flavor, it would be even better.

Again, this is Target’s Archer Farms brand labeled as an “Indian-inspired entrée”.  The product is “canned” in a heavy-duty plastic tray covered with a heavy-duty plastic film.  Cooking involves no more than piercing the film in a few places and heating in a microwave for about 1 minute and 40 seconds. Storage is at room temperature until cooked.  It is not labeled as vegetarian, but the label ingredients suggest most people would consider it vegetarian.

Calories 800 per container        Price $2.59

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