Trader Joe’s Dal Makhani – Food Review


Pretty good stuff.  Nothing to write home about, but then worth a rotation on your lunch menu.

It almost looks like an American Chili sauce.  The lentils are small and almost look like ground meat mixed in the sauce.  The red kidney beans are also either miniatures or mostly chopped up in the sauce.  They’re hard to find.  The flavor is nice.  You can smell the tomato base when you open the package.  The tastes are definitely Indian, but a little subdued.  The heat is low to medium.  If you think you won’t like lentils, don’t worry.  These won’t taste like any lentils you’ve had before.   Trader Joe claims this food has ” No Gluten Ingredients” and is Vegetarian.

If you’re wondering what the name means, try this link to Wikipedia.  If you trust me, dal means lentils or other legumes.  Makhani means with butter or cream.

This product is canned in a heavy-duty plastic and foil pouch that allows the product a long shelf life at room temperature and a nice small rectangular package for storing.  Just cut open the pouch, pour into a microwave safe bowl, heat for a minute or two until hot.  Eat and enjoy.

Look here for other TJ Indian Fare.

Calories 340/package  Price  $2.19


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6 Responses to “Trader Joe’s Dal Makhani – Food Review”

  1. etana Says:

    Trader Joe’s now has dal makhani as a canned item, in the beans and chilli section, I think.

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  2. Rosemary Says:

    Tj now call this Madras lentil

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  3. Eric Schell Says:

    It was a sad day when TJ discontinued this lovely dish a year or two ago. I searched the internet looking for similar dishes, found what looked promising in Kohinoor Foods’ offering. Unable to find a local-or at least west coast-source-I had to order online and pay about $5 for the 300Gm package. Quite a disappointment; really bland, even tho the package lists the same ingredients as TJ’s. Fast forward to December 2012; local discount supermarket Grocery Outlet now carrying a line of several dishes including Dal Makhani! Rejoice! Same wonderful flavor as TJ’s! Tried one of the others, Dal Tadke, lighter color but nearly identical taste. Same size package, but $1.09 vs TJ’s $2.99.
    Merry Christmas!


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