Reserve De L’Estey Bordeaux (Médoc AOC) 2008 – Wine Review


The French have redeemed themselves with this wine.  This is a taste above some of the other French wines tasted here.

If you think the Italian wine classification system is complex, don’t even try to figure out how the French do theirs.  Médoc is a specific subregion of Bordeaux.  As this wine was produced within that region and follows the rules associated with it, it is entitled to place the word Médoc on its label.  While the Italians also try to incorporate a certain degree of quality into their classification system, the French classifications seem to be more about just defining the areas and the rules.  There does not seem to be a specific quality designation with the classification Médoc.  However, don’t quote me on this.  It’s all very confusing at best.

Regardless of how the classification system works, one would think that the producers in this region would want to have a quality product before they place the name Médoc on the label.  And indeed, compared to the more general Bordeaux classifications reviewed here, this wine is a better wine.  In fact it’s up there with the best wines reviewed so far, regardless of country.

A blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 5% Malbec grapes, we’d expect this wine to have a robust taste.  And indeed, it does.  However it’s not as strong or harsh a taste as some of the lesser Bordeaux’s and Cabernet’s have.  This is just a very smooth wine with a stronger taste.  Very good.  No negatives to the taste at all.  Being a 2008, may account for some of the smoothness as well.  It’s been around awhile.  In general, red wines get better with some age.

At $7.99 a bottle at Trader Joe’s, it’s not a standout bargain compared to some of the other less expensive wines at TJ’s which are its equal.  However, when compared by quality and price with just the other Cabs and Merlots reviewed here, it’s worth the extra dollar or two.

Price $7.99


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