Gaetano D’Aquino Chianti DOCG – 2009 – Wine Review


Here’s another place to save 80 cents towards your kid’s college education.  But you might want to save both the 80 cents and the wine for a couple of years.

What a difference a day makes?  Perhaps a few years?  This is another very good Chianti.  True to the DOCG seal on the top of the bottle, there is some quality inside the bottle.  Like the Aquila D’Oro reviewed a few days ago, this Chianti has a stronger taste than our benchmark 2006 Chianti Riserva.  And while it’s impossible to know if this wine would mature to the same level as the benchmark given another couple of years aging, we can still say this is a good wine and well worth the $4.99 price tag.  And who can complain?  With beef jerky costing about the same for a 4 oz. bag,  a  good $5 wine is just a ridiculously low price.

For those who like a stronger tasting wine, this wine is more like the Chianti I grew up with.  In comparison to the Aquila D’Oro Chianti, this wine has a still stronger taste.  A few more tannins, a little more acidity makes this a wine more suited to drink with food than sip while sitting on the patio watching the sun set.  None the less, it’s still very smooth and more refined than a lesser wine.  Once again, this one is going to be a choice you’ll have to make.  If you like a good stronger tasting Chianti, you’ll like this.  If you like a lighter tasting slightly more refined wine, pick the 2006 Chianti Riserva.  In either case, the Trader Joe’s price will let you save considerably more than 80 cents towards your kid’s college education while still allowing yourself a little reward in the evening.

As an aside, you might want to buy this just to display the bottle and the label.  It’s pretty classy in my book, as well as being extremely difficult to photograph.

Price $4.99 – Trader Joe’s


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