Charles Shaw – Merlot – 2009 – Wine Review


Carefully look at the picture of the bottle.  It’s mostly empty.  Know what that means?  Someone actually drank the wine.  That should be the new scale for rating any wine.  The emptier the bottle, the better the wine.

At $2.99, “doesn’t taste like turpentine …”, would be a good wine review.  And incidentally, don’t go the least bit out of your way to find out what turpentine tastes like.  It’s bad.  And a poison. 

Back to the wine.  It’s pretty good.  It’s really good if you rate it on the value scale since it’s only $2.99.   That’s less than some energy drinks.  It’s  relatively smooth with no strong tastes either good or bad.  A perfect middle of the roader, which is where most of us land.  Remember the bell curve from statistics class?  And if you’re trying to forget statistics class, pour a glass of the wine.  Combine the wine with some strong-tasting foods and any imperfections go away.  That works on the food side also.  This is what’s called in the wine world, “a perfect pairing.”    As mentioned with other Charles Shaw wines,  there’s a little variation from one purchase to the next.  But overall, if you find one you like, it’s hard to go wrong for $2.99.  TJ’s is the place to find this.

Price $2.99


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