Aquila D’Oro – Toscana – 2009 – Wine Review


Lightening can strike twice for $3.99.  This Golden Eagle has landed.

Aquila D’Oro, translated by me (we’re on thin ice now) with the help of the internet, means Golden Eagle.  While this wine may not reach the heights its name implies, it definitely doesn’t lay an egg either.  This is another one of the Super Tuscans.  Remember our D’Aquino Gaetano reviewed previously?  The Eagle stays true to the general reputation of the Super Tuscans as being a nice mild very drinkable wine.  A little internet research shows that this brand has been around for a few years.  During that time, most reviewers classify it in a similar manner.  This is a good wine, especially at $4 a bottle, that goes well with many foods, especially a good red sauced pasta.  This one was purchased at Trader Joe’s as were many of the earlier vintages reviewed on the internet.

It took some searching through the reds at TJ’s, and in some cases having to turn the bottle around to read the back label, to find this wine.   There were only 3 or 4 on the shelf.  When you see the IGT designation, the name Toscana, or the Sangiovese grape mentioned on the label, pick up a bottle and give it a try.  So far, between this and the D’Aquino, the Super Tuscans are batting a thousand.

Another tip-off to the Super Tuscans could be the incredibly difficult to photograph labels in red and black with gold letters?  Both of these wines bear the same color scheme.  Conspiracy or coincidence?

Price: $3.99, Trader Joe’s


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2 Responses to “Aquila D’Oro – Toscana – 2009 – Wine Review”

  1. tony petrucci Says:

    Where else can you buy this now? Trader Joe’s stopped carrying this wine middle of September. What other stores sell it?


    • steveo Says:

      Don’t know. That’s one of the things with TJ, they tend to change suppliers often. But then that creates the need to open up a bottle of something different and maybe be surprised. That’s not all bad? There are a couple of other good Tuscan wines on the top 10 list. If you haven’t done so, see if they’re still available at TJ, and pop a cork or two. Which reminds me, I need to do that myself.


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