Trader Joe’s Avocado Salsa Verde – Food Review


Trader Joe’s Avocado Salsa Verde bites.  But bites in the good way.

I sort of stumbled upon this in the refrigerated section with the other salsa, dips and what not while looking for something else.  I’m always a little leery about any kind of processed avocado.  Usually they disappoint.  However I do like salsa verde, so I picked up the container.  Since I was about to barbecue some pork shoulder for Labor Day, I also figured I could try this with the pork, making a sort of chile verde.

The salsa is pretty good.  The avocado didn’t disappoint, but was not a stand out either.  It did tend to neutralize the verde part of the salsa, making it a little milder than a good tomatillo sauce.  It’s a little pricey at around $2.50 for a 10 ounce container, but it is made in Mexico and transported all this way under refrigeration.  It goes well with chips and as noted, it does bite the mouth.  As it should. 

However the best part was, it turned on the light for me as to what I was going to do with about 10 pounds of slowly cooked fork tender pork shoulder.  So now I’ll be looking for some tomatillo sauce, which probably costs about the same for a quart, or more, and I’ll be having chili verde more often.  Pictured below is the pork with the avocado chile verde salsa.


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