Aquila D’Oro – Toscana – Redux – 2009 – Wine Review


A year later, does it still hold up?

It’s been about a year (10 months to be exact)  since the original review of this wine.  How does it hold up the second time?

Pretty well.  This wine earned a third place rating in the Top 10 List.  After almost a year, that opinion hasn’t changed.  This wine is just a little edgier than the more subtle and refined wines above it.  Edgier is not a bad thing depending on your mood, your tastes or the food accompanying the drink.

An extra 10 months in the bottle on my wine rack hasn’t appreciably changed this 2009 wine.  The wine can still stand on its own or with food.  While recently at TJ’s, I should have checked out the current vintage and price.  But as usual, the moment passed.  Given the history of this wine, most any year is going to be a good one and the price is likely to still float around $4 a bottle.


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