WordPress – .com vs. .org – speed and freedom


Speed And Freedom

.com is sort of slow to edit                    .org is better

Speed counts. Normally we’d think of this as how fast your blog posts are served up to your readers. That hasn’t been a problem so far with either  the .com or .org version. What you’ll notice more is how slow it is to edit your posts directly on .com using the built-in editor.

The editor that comes with either version of WordPress is not a bad little editor.  In fact it’s changed my mind about cloud computing and the future of PCs.  Doing this kind of work over the web  isn’t  much different from doing it directly on a PC.

Especially with a secure connection turned on, saving post drafts is excruciatingly slow.  We’ll see if that last word passes spell checking (missed it by one letter – not bad).  The truly amazing thing about sitting here writing these things is that words, like excruciatingly, unused  in years and years suddenly pop out on the electronic paper.  Sort of like lotto balls popping out of the drum.  And like lotto balls, sometimes we’re not sure if it’s a nine or a six upside down (I know, there’s usually a little line under the number).  Thus, hooray for the spell checker.  The spell checker is sort of like electronic toilet paper.  Finish that sentence any way you wish and insert your own electronic image in your mind.

But back to slow.  As noted, saving the post on .com is slow.  Most of the problem may be something you have no control over.  WordPress.com checks your post content and edits out html pieces  not allowed.   Automattic, the owners of WordPress.com, want to protect the whole system from hackers and improper code which may adversely affect performance or security.  I’ve seen this when testing the insertion of an Amazon wish list wizard into the .com site.  The java script code was stripped out of the post, leaving the post surprisingly still functional, but looking a little strange.  The .com version will even remove more basic html code from your post.  So even though you can add it with your keyboard, some of that html code is going to be gone when you look at it next.  I don’t have a list of all the rules.  Suffice it to say, it really doesn’t matter much for many of us.  If you stick to the functions in the online editor, you’ll most likely be within the rules and won’t have to wonder why your web site looks a little funky.  Actually, as far as funkiness goes, you’re probably your own worst enemy.  Especially those dark background blogs.

Having gone well beyond the topic of speed, we might as well continue.  For a price, Automattic will give you the ability to do more with code. Mostly in the area of css (cascading style sheet) code.  And for additional fees, WordPress will allow you more freedom up to almost complete control.   Surprisingly, it’s really difficult to find a price list for all these extra features.   On the other hand, for a free blog, most of us still got a good deal.

Speed on the .org version depends on your web hosting company, how many visitors hit your site and in general how much money you want to spend.  Saving your posts on your own hosted blog is faster (assuming your hosting company hasn’t put you on a 10 year old PC with 1,000 other people – sort of unlikely).  None of this behind the scenes editing stuff the .com version does.  You’re free to include what you want, limited by what the back-end hosting system can support.   Of course with the freedom comes the responsibility to know what you’re doing.  If you’re an html wizard, you won’t have too many problems.  If you’re not a wizard, but will basically stick with the functions available in this editor, your web site should behave the way you want.

How about serving up blog pages to the public?  After all that’s what we care about, giving our readers a pleasurable experience and sometimes something to complain about – the content.  In my case I find both versions fast in serving up posts.  This is with low volumes most of you can expect to see.  If you run a high volume site, the .com version should in theory run faster, because, in theory it is able to throw much more computing power at running your blog.  On your own hosted site (.org), high volume usually means more money needed to rent more computing power from your hosting company.


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