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Akismet – Spaminator

.com has this feature .org does not have this feature

Akismet helps protect your blog from blog comment spam. Comment spam? Is this caused by global warming? No. Comment spam is how people try to raise their profile in search engines by including their web site url in a comment they’ve placed on one or several of your posts. Do they do this by staying up really late at night, reading your posts and then adding their enlightened comments. Not a chance. They have programs, similar to what the search engines do, that crawl the web looking for any blog page and automatically add a comment. The consequences of that are either you have a whole bunch of useless comments to review and delete or, if you allow the comments to post automatically, really junky posts caused by a whole bunch of unwanted comments. Akismet helps eliminate comments from these kind of nasty people and programs by blocking known comment spam from even attaching to your blog. The .com version has this set up and running the minute you create your blog.

The .org version has the Akismet plugin installed, but you have to register your blog with Akismet and then enter an activation key to make it work. Fairly easy to do. Having run without it for a few months, I can say that comment spam does exist and Akismet has stopped over 95% of it from hitting my .org blog.


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